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Posted in MA research by joeyiu on February 5, 2009

Owing to the Unit 1.2 contemporary Issues in Visual & Material Culture essay is to study about the issue of Materialism and Sustainability in Hong Kong society. I found out that Hong Kong government attempt to promote environmental awareness to the public, on the other hand encourage people to mass consume to stimulate economic growth which is completely self-contradictory and evidently the outcome of protect environment is disappointing.


In Unit 2.1 Research Development I am interested to found out what Hong Kong government has been done in urban planning to promote environmental friendly. I have chosen the latest, the biggest and the unprecedented zero carbon city in Hong Kong. The project is working in process and it will last about 12 years.


What government wants to achieve.


Why, When, What method, How much, How length, Advantage…


What people and residents say pro and con…


What I think? Is the government can achieve the things such as zero carbon city, eco-friendly, improve the quality of life etc? Is the government meeting people and residents need? Is the government doing the right things?


What the people and residents really need?

What the government really wants?


What the government should do? What are the better solutions to meet their needs?


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