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The principles of sustainable design


香港以短短一百多年歷史由一個殖民地鄉村變成屹立在世界舞台的國際金融中心, 於亞洲扮演著舉足輕重的角色. 是因為吸收了西方科學及教育, 及中國勤奮, 善適應,強變通的特質而創造了許多奇蹟. 在急速發展的同時, 香港正在面對著物極必反的惡果, 已建立了的強勢資本主義社會體系背後正面對許多環境污染及資源沖擊. 政府以和諧的態度對待問題, 但破壞卻以急速性的展開.

自香港回歸中國後, 中國更希望於國內打造更多的”香港”, 以香港為目標, 希望以經濟站在國際舞台上. 香港只是彈丸之地, 卻已造成很多環境污染問題, 如將中國發展成更多香港的話, 後遺症是不難想像. 中國在不惜一切地提高經濟及發展的同時卻以非常溫和的態度面對環境及資源問題. 這一點非常值得令人關注. 在環境問題看似還未到達一發不可收拾的局面, 但人民對環境的破壞及意識已達到了不能回頭的地步. 政界, 商家及設計師可以怎樣收拾局面呢? 香港能否作一個好傍樣讓中國作參考呢?

Case Study

Redevelopment Masterplan

Redevelopment Masterplan

before masterplan

before masterplan



Respect for energy and natural resources

How does life make things?… 96% starting raw material just only 4% leftover. – Janine Benyus 2007

If we keep going the way we are going, we are going to end up where we are headed. – Groucho Marx1

  • The contemporary automobile, after a century of engineering is embarrassingly inefficient: Of the energy in the fuel it consumes, at least 80 percent is lost mainly in the engine’s heat and exhaust, so that at most only 20 percent is actually used to turn the wheels… of the resulting force, 95 percent moves the car, while only 5 percent moves the driver… Five percent of 20 percent is one percent!2
  • The early eighties the overall efficiency of water use in the United States and Canada has been improving. Thirty years ago a typical toilet used five to seven gallons per flush and a typical shower-head spouted two and one half gallons per minute. Today, a toilet uses just over one and a half gallons per flush and a shower-head around one and a half gallons per flush per minute – all without a drop in performance and quality.3

利用再生資源, 例如:太陽光, 雨水, 風

減少使用不能再生資源,例如:石油, 水

應禁止“設計”製造垃圾, 應立例control設計師及製造廠推出unsustainable design product.

鼓勵”設計”利用再生資源及減少使用不能再生資源. Green Design.


Respect for people

The biggest tragedy is not the waste of natural resources, though it is tragic The biggest tragedy is the waste of human resources. – Oliver Wendell Holmes4

The Aesthetics of Sustainable Design

  • 要對美學重新定義.因為behind美學係對環境造成破壞.


老師應該是一名「先知」(prophet),這才是老師最重要的工作。from John Brown, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • 不環保的設計已是落伍的設計, 設計師應該是有遠見, 能為現今及將來帶來好處, 而教育更是將先知的遠見教育新進設計師及客戶.

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4. Jason F. Mclennan (2004) “The Philosophy of Sustainable Design”. Missouri: Ecotone, (pg.45)


Professional green building council


from An Inconvenient Truth

Future generations may well have occasion to ask themselves:

“What were our parents thinking?

Why didn’t they wake up when they had a chance?”

We have to hear that question from them now.

Are you ready to change the way you live?

The climate crisis can be solved.

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