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Hong Kong not a developed region

Posted in MA research Sustainable design by joeyiu on January 29, 2009

The definition of developed country

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, is recognized as developing country.(3)

According to the World Bank, Hong Kong is classified as “high-income economies” region.(2)

顯然香港已被國際定義為已發展地區及富有地區. 但香港真的在各方面都先進嗎?

“A developed country is one that allows all its citizens to enjoy a free and healthy life in a safe environment. And a genuinely developing country is one in which civil society is able to insist, not only on material wellbeing, but on improving standards of human rights and environmental protection as well.”(Kofi Annan)(1)

從上 Kofi Annan 的引言分析,developed country 的定義主要有五點. 1) free and healthy life. 2) safe environment. 3) civil society is able to insist. 4) human rights. 5) environmental protection.

第一點, 不認同. (quote 快樂指數)

第二點, 認同

第三點, 認同

第四點, 認同

第五點, 不認同. (quote)




未來二十年, 世界將會以資源為資產, 金錢會偏值. (證據)

資源短缺問題, (證據)


英國工業革命, 吸收了一次慘烈教訓 (quote 維多利亞時期)

歐洲國家為何減慢發展, 甚至有點像倒退. (quote underground)



香港要經歷大死才可再生. (quote 香港中大建築教授吳恩融)

香港看似進步, 實質倒退.

一千年前的中國 (quote風水概念, 道家思想)


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3. Business PME (Accessed on Jan 2009)


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